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    Personality Traits of Petite Women

    Hello, my petites. First of all, let me tell you that I’m not a psychologist, a therapist or anything in between, but I love reading a lot about the human behavior and I like “reading” people. I don’t know if there really is something special about petite women, but I have many small-sized girlfriends and all of them share some common personality traits. One of them is their power. Petite women are powerful. Their big personality compensates their short stature. In the past, being tall has been associated with power, intelligence, and strengths, but believing that being tall gives you more power or energy is just an illusion. I have…

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    Long Hair When You Are Petite – yay or nay?

    Wondering if long hair is suitable for you as a petite? In this article, I want to cover an interesting subject that has been on my mind for a very, very long time – having long hair when you are petite. When I was a child and even a teenager, my mother always told me that I look better with short hair because it makes me look taller. And this is how most of my life I had short to very short hairstyles. But, at the age of 18, I have decided to let my hair grow, and I have never cut it short since then, even though, I must…

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    What Does Petite Really Mean?

    petite /pəˈtiːt/ adjective (of a woman) attractively small and dainty. “she was petite and vivacious” Origin: late 18th century, French feminine of petit ‘small’. Hello my dear petites! In today’s article I want to clarify some aspects regarding the etymology of the word petite and its meaning in today’s world. As the definition suggests, petite is the feminine of the French word petite – which means small and refers to women which are small and thin in an attractive way (according to the Cambridge English Dictionary). In the fashion industry, petite may also refer to the size of clothing for small women. Are you really a petite? Sometimes the word petite creates…