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Petite Traveler Problems and How to Solve Them

How many times have you felt insecure and overwhelmed while traveling, because of your short height? I tell you from my own experience that sometimes traveling as a petite was a burden, from finding the right backpack to carrying the heavy luggage and manipulating the baggage into the overhead space. Planes are not designed for people our size. Of course, there are also many advantages petite persons have while traveling, for example, you don’t have to worry about leg space, unlike tall persons, you can easily fit into your chair and you can even enjoy a nap during the flight which is great for me as a petite – I love sleeping on the plane and, believe it or not, I even like small turbulences.

All in all, traveling as a short girl is always an adventure, especially if you are a solo traveler. One of the biggest problems petite women travelers encounter is that their safety and security can be compromised. When you are petite and you look younger, you are sometimes considered a teenager. This means you have to take all the measures and always be extra cautious. Avoid traveling at night, dress appropriately, use Social Media and let your friends/loved ones know your itinerary.

Another problem petite travelers encounter is being lost in the crowd. And this is extremely frustrating when you are with a group and you lose your friends on the way to the next tourist attraction because you don’t have the legs to walk fast. It happens to me all the time, this is why I always keep an eye on my boyfriend, and I try as much as possible to keep up with the group.

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As a petite traveler, another unpleasant situation is being stuck in crowdy places and this happens all the time, be it the airport, a museum, the bus/train. This means you always bum into everyone’s chest or underarms, and being nose height to all the body odors in the world is not pleasant at all. Some tips to avoid crowds are: travel as early as possible, or late, in the evening, travel during the week, book tickets in advance if you plan on visiting museums and other attractions.

Another annoying situation is being on a tour and not seeing anything. I am not a huge fan of group tours, but it happened to me during the Game of Thrones tour in Malta. At some stops, when I stayed behind, I could barely see anything the tour guide presented. Of course, at the next attractions, I was in the first line, all eyes and years, and this is what I also recommend to you.

Being petite shouldn’t stop you from discovering the hidden gems of this fabulous world. Are you a petite traveler? The struggle is real so, I would love to hear your stories and how being fun-sized influences your travel experience.

This article reflects my own beliefs and experiences.

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