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How I Reinvented Myself

Hello my petites!

Let me introduce myself – my name is Andra and I am 30 years old, I was born and raised in Romania, and this is the first article posted on my fresh new blog. I’ve called myself a “blogger” since 2013 when I’ve started my first local blog, but it took me a while to understand that writing on a general blog on various topics was not what I really wanted.

It was in 2016 when the idea of creating a blog dedicated to petite women started to flourish into my mind and my soul.

The year 2017 marked my first attempt to start a “petite lifestyle” bilingual (Romanian-English) website as a redesign of my old blog. As the end of the year also brought important changes in my life, I also gave up the idea of blogging and started to ask myself what I really wanted to do. As I had a full-time job as a Content Manager at an American company, I found it the perfect opportunity to concentrate only on work and personal development through reading, therapy, traveling, spending time by myself, exercising, learning new things and putting myself in different situations meant to take me out of my comfort zone.

Little by little I have started to create the future I have visualized, but I felt something was missing. My blog. And here we are, in 2019, the year I’ve turned 30, with a brand-new blog dedicated to petite women all over the world.

And this is how I reinvented myself, through following an idea, letting it go for a moment, coming back to it with a new energy, a new approach and a huge desire to make an impact and HELP petite women reach their true and inner power.

The Epiphany

The most important thing that happened to me during this period was this REVELATION I had – I’ve realized that besides being petite, small, little, tiny, delicate… you name it, I acted most of the time as a small, helpless, scared, innocent, anxious, little girl because everybody else around me was tricked by my stature and looked at me like a was a child and treated me like one. Of course, I let them do it. In the eyes of my parents and my bigger sis I have always been the little one, the one that can’t do many things, the one that is too small, too fragile. Oftentimes I was finding myself not feeling like a real woman. Most of the time, when looking in the mirror, I didn’t see a woman; what I saw was an insecure girl who wanted to look more like an adult, like a real woman.

Being Petite Is My Superpower

For my own good, I have managed to overcome all these insecurities and I have finally realized that, despite my fragile stature, I really am a grown-up woman who can do everything she wants, when she wants, and damn I can use my petite stature to my advantage. How? You will discover reading my blog where I share with you my experiences, my stories, my tips, and my thoughts.

I can’t tell you that it was easy for me to reinvent myself and start everything over; this a continuous process, you just need a starting point and the desire to do it. Reinventing yourself is tough but you must have the ability to do it over and over again. In life you fail. You gain. You fail again. You grow more powerful. I must keep on pushing every single day and grab every opportunity that helps me grow.

Now that I’ve told you a part of my story, I would love you to share your petite lifestyle stories with me. I can’t wait to find out how being petite has influenced your lives and how you keep reinventing yourselves.

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