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Traveling in Tenerife During the Pandemic

Traveling during the pandemic never was on my to-do list. But, from one lockdown to another, I had the opportunity to travel to the Canary Islands during the Covid pandemic. And I will probably do it again.

I’ve actually spent almost two months in Tenerife in the summer of 2020. And I’ve discovered a totally different world than the one I’ve encountered at the end of 2019. You can read about our (mine and Alex’s, my bf) three-month adventure in Tenerife in this article.

After two months spent in complete lockdown in Romania, when the only contact with the outside world was when going grocery shopping, we decided to try our luck and buy tickets for Tenerife. At that moment, the PCR test was not mandatory. Our flight was canceled three times, but July 10th was our lucky day – the day we had finally arrived on our favorite island.

We found Tenerife totally changed – no more tourists, only a few restaurants open, many attractions closed, no more crowded beaches.  But, compared to Romania, we felt very safe. Everyone respected the rules. The mask was mandatory in all indoor public spaces, but it soon became mandatory everywhere. Yes, even at the beach, at the restaurants, and on the streets.

Compared to our first trip on the Island of the Eternal Spring, when we enjoyed a lot of culinary experiences at many local restaurants, this time we cooked a lot at home. And with such an amazing view offered by our studio, it was a delight.

Overall, I liked Tenerife with fewer people on the streets and on the beaches, but I don’t want it to be like this forever. I want it to come back to life, to feel its unique vibes, harmonious trills, and specific scents.

New World, New Adventures

If during our first stay we spent a lot of time discovering the island’s culture and people, this time we embarked on a new adventure – discovering nature.

A few times we wandered through the out of this world Teide National Park. If you don’t know, Teide National Park encompasses Spain’s highest mountain – Mount Teide, considered a magic place.

Quick tip if you plan a visit to Mount Teide: keep in mind that the best view of the mountain is from afar so don’t miss the several viewpoints to admire the volcano in all its glory 

Mount Teide is the third highest volcanic structure and most voluminous in the world. The formation began 170,000 years ago and according to the beliefs of the Guanches, the Canary Islands aboriginals, the devil himself lived inside Teide. We enjoyed the Martian-like landscapes on hot summer days. I still feel that there is a lot more to discover about this amazing place I highly recommend it if you plan a visit to the island.

Let’s find a beautiful place and get lost.

The Enchanted Forest of Anaga is the next wonderful place we had the chance to discover. It’s absolutely amazing how, in less than half an hour, you can go from sandy beaches to sharp peaks. Tenerife continues to amaze me.

This beautiful spot is the Path of the Sense, a short trail that allows you to discover nature through all your senses. 

Since Loro Parque in Puerto de la Cruz (North) my favorite place in Tenerife, was closed, we decided to visit Jungle Park in Arona (South). The experience was not what I expected. The place is ok for families with children, the little ones might find it interesting, but I was not impressed.

How It Felt Traveling During the Pandemic

The first trip during the Covid pandemic was an interesting experience. It was stressful, but we became aware of how fragile we are and that we shouldn’t take things for granted. And this is the most important lesson we’ve learned.

Hope you enjoyed a petite traveler’s adventures during uncertain times.

This article reflects my own beliefs and experiences.

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