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Long Hair When You Are Petite – yay or nay?

Wondering if long hair is suitable for you as a petite?

In today’s article, I want to cover an interesting subject that has been on my mind for a very, very long time – having long hair when you are petite.

When I was a child and even a teenager, my mother always told me that I look better with short hair because it makes me look taller and this is how most of my life I had short to very short hairstyles. But, at the age of 18, I have decided to let my hair grow, and I have never cut it short since then, even though, I must admit, sometimes I miss my sassy brunette bob (I solved this problem in the meantime with a fancy wig). And no, my long hair doesn’t make me look even shorter, on the contrary.

Why short hair is not always the best solution for petite women?

From my own experience, short hair can make you look even more childish and this is exactly what I was always trying to avoid. Of course, short hair makes you look younger, but there is a huge difference between younger and childish. Plus, if you cut your hair too short, you risk looking too boyish.

You can have long hair as a petite if you choose correctly the hairstyle

The effect the long hairstyle has on your entire appearance is more a matter of volume than a matter of length. If you know how to style it correctly, you can transform your fabulous hair into a great advantage.

We all know that hairstyling is one of the greatest defining features of a look. I know that you are afraid to wear longer hair thinking it is going to make you even shorter and overwhelm your entire appearance. The fact is, stature is a small factor in deciding upon your hair’s length – your body shape (proportions) and your face shape are much more important than height.

The secret to rocking long hair as a petite is to find the perfect hairstyle considering the shape of your face. And keep it simple. 

You can rock long hair as a petite woman. It’s all about balance!

This article reflects my own beliefs and experiences.

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